Managerial Board

Managing Associate - Harshithaa BA
A third year student of R V Institute of Legal studies in Bengaluru. She has always been fascinated by the complexities of the judicial system and how it affects society so profoundly. The desire to practice law has motivated her to pursue this demanding and fruitful field of education. With the same passion she is here in this law journal to not only grow within myself of this field but as well help out others.
Publication Manager - Soujaatyaa Roy
Soujaatyaa Roy, a passionate law student from Adamas University. He is laying his foundation  in the world of Law as a key member of the core managing team at Beyond Briefs. With a profound interest in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, intellectual property rights, and international laws. He has taken up the role of Publication Manager, utilizing my knowledge and expertise to drive the organization forward.
HR & Quality Assurance - Mohona Datta
Mohona Datta, a dedicated and enthusiastic law student hailing from Adamas University. With a passion for effective management and a deep understanding of legal processes, she has recently joined Beyond Briefs as a valuable member of the core managing team. Taking on the role of "HR & Quality Assurance," she is bringing her expertise in human resources and a keen eye for detail to ensure optimal performance and adherence to quality standards within the organization.